Director: Sandra Gibson
16mm Experimental film animation
5.5 minutes

An eclectic collage of colors, rhythms and sounds interwoven with images of film icons that takes you to a place somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness. Images flash by in pulsating directions, often a frame at a time; a subterranean dissection of the film medium.


Director: Dana Plays
16mm Experimental Film
22 minutes

Nuclear Family is an experimental film that explores institutional and personal representations of memory and behavior through a complex interweaving of scientific documentation, animal behavior experiments and vintage pre-school footage. The approach is formalistic and optically printed material is used throughout. The drama of the nuclear family is played by a series of non-human subjects - ranging from mannequins used in US 1950's nuclear blast experiments, to doves playing ping pong. The Notion of the family is experienced as iconic, nostalgic and recollected remnant of the nuclear age.


Director: Jessie Miller
Digital video Super 8 home movies

A ghostly and impressionistic, experimental self-portrait and meditation on life and death.


Director: Jesse Miller

Made for the Texas based indie-pop, the Foxymorons, LEFT SIDEWAYS is a playful and enchanting stop-motion animated music video.


2.o tree(s)
Director: Jesse Miller

An experimental film which contrasts the chaos of technological growth with the grace of nature and childhood. Made to the song, squeamish frontal room by the Ohio-based indie rockers, Guided By Voices.


Director: Danny Plotnick
Digital video
1:10 2001

Ever wonder what it's like to go on tour with your film, band, poetry or art? Well it's not all glad-handing, schmoozing, free drink tickets and adoring audiences. Along the way there are some dark, dank and humiliating moments. The TOUR TIPS series will address some of these pitfalls to better prepare the traveling artiste for his or her journey down the wrong side of the road.


Director: Cameron Baity
Stop motion animation

NAROPA synthesizes his dark, internal environment. A gaunt green tree stands out sorely to him. His machinations suddenly malfunctions and the routine is broken. NAROPA activates his scrap music machine - the tree comes to life. A new light shines.


Director: Alexis Krasilovsky
4:55. 1999

Terezin was a designed as a model concentration camp after the Red Cross inspected the camp in 1944, the nazis shipped most of the children who had not already died in Ausuchwitz. Only 150 out of the 15,000 children survived.


Director: Lesile Kralyo Satterfield
16mm film

Scar delves into the spoken and unspoken language to create closeness or to distance ourselves from others. What subtle agreements are made in exchange of energy between two people? We all nurture ideas about ourselves, others and the world, which we live. We believe in the truth of realness that these ideas hold for us. The question that scar attempts to ask is if these truths or beliefs exist anywhere except in our own imagined realties


Director: Thomas Steiner
16mm experimental film
6:00 1997

ZOCALO elements/facets of an imaginary photo album appear here for only as long (or as briefly) as they may be read as souvenirs/holiday photos from a trip to Mexico. It is said that only what is familiar is easily recognized: The photographic perspective defines the images as typical Holiday Photos. In contrast to socially critical documentary photography, landscapes or portrait photography, film stills etc.) In addition just enough tourist highlight and situations are recognizable to lead to association" Mexico" A familiar experience is called up and spelled out before our eyes at the speed of thought combined, reinforced or distorted through multiple fragmentations and painterly interventions. In the film the plane of sounds is particularly fascinating: Musical sequences evolves from what is initially a hardly perceptible mechanical running sound, yet voice, sounds of the street are still woven into it. There are layers of sound, from which ultimately a clear, then quieter again and then finally silence.