Mark Siska Euro Underground Director Opening Night of the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival at Patumwan intersection Park. Opening featured 20 films in an open air screening setting.
Thomas Stiener (Austria) John Smith (England) Mark Siska (US)Karen Lawler (US)
On Left. Michael Shaowanasai. Right Corner Apichatpong Weerasethakul behind him Grithiya Gaweewong. Directors of The Bangkok Experimental Film Festival.
Serg Marcottee (Canada) sets up to break. Thomas Stiener (Austrian) Mark Siska (US) and Michael Wallin (US)
Buddha in Bangkok
On the Island of summit 4 hours south of Bangkok.
Streets of Bangkok
At the Market
Eugene Barksdale. Board Member of Euro Underground and Founder of Elbs Entertainment.
Pataya at night. The setting for the next Euro Underground/International Film and Performance Society production
China Town in Bangkok
Pataya at Night
On the boat that took us to summit
On the island
On the streets in Bangkok
2nd Bi Annual Bangkok Experimental Film Festival.

December 11-18. Screening Venues Alliance Francaise, Japan Foundation, Goethe Institute, Patuman Intersention Park

Formerly known as Bangkok International Art Film Festival (BIAFF) This project was initiated in 1996 by a group of young artists and filmmakers. Since 1996 (BIAFF) has changed their name to The Bangkok Experimental Film Festival. BEFF mission is.

To create a greater awareness of experimental films in Thailand. To provide a forum for independent filmmakers from various countries to show their work. To broaden the audiences perspective of contemporary issues through films. To foster a dialogue within the international art community.

BEFF is organized every two years. BEFF3 will take place in 2001 December. Euro Underground had the pleasure to attend the 2 annual BEFF December 11-18. Euro Underground currated two show exhibiting work from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and The US.

The festival was located at various cultural institutes through out Bangkok. The opening of the festival was organized at Patuman Intersention Park. This in open-air park located in the hart of down town Bangkok. The opening lasted for 5 hours and over a 25 film where selected and exhibited , exhibiting in 16, 35mm and video.

Special programs included a selected History of Experimental Film which included work by The Lumiere Brothers, Hans Richter, Viking Eggling, Man Ray, Fernard Legar, Marcel Duchamp, Ivan Joris, Dali, Bunneul, Orson Wells, Maya Deren and Denys De Daunant. German Experimental Film and selected Currated work from Thai Film Foudation, Project 304, Firecraker Film, Sixpack Film, Image Forum, Ex-Change Project, Blackchair and Euro Underground.