The Cockney Underground Boot Factory
Production Personnel

Producer and Director Lech Kowalski

Executive/Line Producer Odile Allard

Co - Producer Mark Siska

Camera Operators Lech Kowalski, Mark Siska

Additional cameramen Bogumil Godfrejow,
Mikolay Gorecki, Tomasz Augustynek

Concert Sound Recording Tomasz Rogula

Music consultant and research Paul Rimple

Still photography Justyna Mielnkiewicz

Editors Lech Kowalski and Zoran Amar

Sound Design Val Kuklowsky

Web Master Mark Siska

Translation Polish-English Justyna Mielnkiewicz

Translation English-French Claire Jollie

The film will be released in 35MM black and white with stereo sound. A sound track recording will be available.

For information please contact:

The International Film and Performance Society.

1658 N. Milwaukee Avenue Suite 142
Chicago IL, 60647
Phone (888) 864-9644 Fax (773) 292-9205

Euro Underground
Dobrego Pasterza 99b/39
Krakow Poland 31-416
KW Filmworks, New York
102 Clinton Street
New York City, New York 10002

Post Production Consultation Moviola Inc.
New York City

Video to Film Transfer Swiss Affects, Zurich, Switzerland

The progress of the production can be viewed at the Official Cockney Underground Boot Factory