Nick Zedd spearheaded the most controversial film movement of the 1980's, The Cinema of Transgression, directing Twelve motion pictures starting in 1979 with They Eat Scum. Later films by Zedd include Police State (87) and War is Menstrual Envy (90). Nick Zedd has also acted in such films as Manhattan Love Suicide, Shadows in the City, We Are Not To Blame and most recently MTV's Joe's Apartment. His leading roles include No Such Thing As Gravity, Totem Of The Depraved, Stone Age Lament and King of Sex. After exhibiting his films and recieving awards at the 1986/89 Ann Arbor Film Festival, The International Poetry Festival In Gothenburg Sweeden (1989) and showcasing a retrospective of his movies at The Museum of Modern Art in 1989 and the Chicago Undergrond Film Festival in 1996, Zedd published his first novel, Bleed which will be avaliable in '96 published by Henry Rollins' 2.13.61 book company. Zedd (Orion Jerico) Edited and published The Underground Film Bulletin from 1984-1990 and has written for Penthouse Forum, Radium and Film Threat Magazine.