Sunny Sunynsky
Graduate of the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Awards include:
Best performance Slovenia 1997. Best Director Bulgaria 1996. Viewers Choice Award Zagreb Croatia 1997

Films include:
Salt Works 97
The Watermelon 96
Night Works 96

Salt-Works Which showed at Euro Underground, fall 97 Sofia, Bulgaria and will be included in The International Film and Performance Society sponsored event Of New Bulgarian Cinema US tour. Salt work is a film about five men sitting at a table eating. In the middle of the table is a salt shaker that becomes the eyes for the viewers. The men speak of the Salt of the earth and the viewer is inside the salt shaker.

How is it to make a film in Bulgaria?
It is expensive but there are ways around it in a network build in through the underground also you have to be crazy and courageous.

What happen to filmmaking since the collapse of Communism?
During the communist filmmaking was easy, but to many of the films where bad and the good ones where censored by the government. Today there are a lot of films being made because of filmmakers helping each other since it is harder to find money.