Stefano Pratesi (12-9-58) Stefano Pratesi lives and works in Florence and Bologna for Filmaster Film Italy . He makes both documentaries, fiction and spot films. Production and Direction for MESTIERE CINEMA (May ‘97) of 35mm. Color short film "Cartoline" (Postcards) with the Italian actors: Bettina Giovannini, Richard Policy CArbonelli, Antonio Manzini, Paolo Giovannucci, Daniel Stambach, Michele Calabṛ. Assistance Director Guido Cacialli, photography Marco Tani, live sound Lello Rotolo, lirics Saverio Lanza. CArtoline win two Awards in 1997: Audience Award at Siena International Short Film Festival, International Section Award at 50th Salerno International Film Festival; it was mentioned at Grosseto Film Festival "Scrivere il Cinema" (Write Cinema). He is in working for a long metrage subject which will be shot, Probably, in summer. This subject has won the second price at the Napoli Screenwriter Film Festival in 1997. It is a thriller with some aspects of social issues in life. Cartoline.(Postcards) Exhibited at Euro Underground 97 For me Cartoline it was a way to tell a simple, controversial sex story. The symbolism of the bedroom objects that refuse your unnatural position is very important. people. The filmhas been seen by my child's and by other children. The assertion of the boys was that: Anna the wife is not a "good women" and that her husband, Gianni, wanted to be clever!! Full assolution for the other two film’s guy, Antonio and Sandra. "I think that cinema help us against our abstract, it help us to think through the things, not over things". Cartoline was a way to meet different kinds of people that believed in the story. They worked gratis. The film was shot in 5 days: 4 in external near the sea and one in an Florence apartment. We had twenty people that worked very hard. We wanted to make a quality product, with chip budget (my brother and my uncle are the producer and a friend of mine Massimo Monico of Mestiere Cinema gave us a van full of lights an electrical kit) In Italy there are not the subjects, political or cultural that promote "young cinema", the short cinema. There is not a market, there is the old conception to shoot a film it has to be box office champion. There is not a possibility to put a short film, before a long metrage film in a public cinema, like in France or other countries. It is quite difficult but people are making great films in Italy. "But we go... we go on ahead !!" My future projects are to make a long metrage. I have the subject and the actors, Italian famous actors that like the story. Usual, for me, it tell about appearance and being, but at the same time the protagonist is force to be another... I have also the prize of Siena International Short Film Festival: 3000 mt of Kodak film 16 or super 16mm and the camera gratis. I have got an idea to make another short film... but it is very hard to shoot without money!!! Other Films Directed by Stefano Pratesi Richard (Memories) The innocence of two child is corrupted by the devil? I don't’ know, but I suppose that when the devil is having difficulty, he obliged the innocence.The story was about a particular moment of my life, after a stop period. I was in my house and my son Alessio was playing football ( we live in Florence in a six floor apartment!).. so I suppose that the world can appear as ball, an innocence ball..The film was shot in one day, with my two child. Magnificent actors.. 4 and 5 years old. SHOT A natural love story which it ended in a terrible way for the audience,but not for the male protagonist. The absolute and crazy love of a man for his life and his creed. The bow, the arrow well-built in the women’s back represent the final "only and could hug" of the man at his women. It was shot in one day, with a old arri 16, stand by cameramen hands. Some person recognized, at Shot first public projection, during Bellaria Independent Italian Festival, the Hitchock style, but it is not true. The black and white was way to tell a life episode.. and it was also the only way to shoot a short film with chip money!! Production credits include: for the RAI (Italian Television) underwater film taking about the place on the cockpit of a Hercules C130 which sank near the island of Meloria (Livorno); color, format 16mm. (7’) production and direction of the scientific documentary film "Il paese delle aragoste" ("The country of lobster") (Tunisia); color, format super 8 (30’) direction of the touristic documentary film "Mar Rosso" ("Red Sea") for the reopening of Suez Canal; color, format 16mm. (35’) direction of the documentary film "La vita risorge dalla Laguna di Truck" ("Life rises again from Truck Lagoon") (Pacific Ocean); color, format 16mm. (40’) direction of the documentary film "L’isola di Lampedusa" ("The island of Lampedusa") (Sicily); colour, format 16mm. (30’) production and direction of the short film "Shot" ; nomination Cathodica Film Festival, Rome 94; nomination for Anteprima, Independent Film Festival Bellaria 95’; 5 Th Festival N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events, New York 95’, Italian House Zerilli Mariṃ, Estate Tuscolana ‘96, Frascati, Rome, Unleshed Show, California ‘96; EuroUnderground Festival ‘97; black and white, format 16mm. (9’); selled copyright for Italy by RAI SAT production and direction of the mini-short film "L’accendino" ("The lighter"); presentation on occasion of Palermo Cinema 94’ Film Festival; colour format VHS (30") production and direction of the short film "Ricordi" ("Memories"); nomination for Italian Independent Film Festival Bellaria Igea Maria 96’, Rimini Cinema ‘96; 5 Th Festival N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events, New York 95’, Italian House Zerilli Mariṃ; Estate Tuscolana ‘96, Frascati, Rome; Unleshed Show, California ‘96; EuroUnderground Festival ‘97; black and white and color, format Betacam SP (5’40") production and direction of a video clip for the Italian rock group "Rock Galileo" for BMG Ariola PPM Rome; black and white and color, format Betacam SP (4’) he has been finished with Guido Calialli the screenplay "Innocenza" (Innocence) of his first 35mm. long metrage film