Anne Paas


Born 22 November 1974, Northfield, Minnesota. Following her graduation from Princeton University in 1996, Paas moved to London where she pursued architectural studies and received an M.A. in architectural theory from the Architectural Association. Paas moved to New York in the fall of 1998 to begin studies at NYU's graduate film program, where she is now in her final year. She is the most recent recipient of the Martin Scorsese young film maker's scholarship.


"The Greatest Show on Earth" 3 1/2 minutes, B & W & Color, 16mm, 1999 Amidst his dilapidated and obsolete carnival surroundings, a dwarf abandons his life at the sideshow to hang himself. Seeking solace, he is instead confronted by spectres of exploitation and mockery, in what proves to be his greatest act yet

"Mighty Mutts" documentary 18minutes, B & W, 16mm, 2000 Surrounded by his overflowing, home-run animal shelter, Jon Contino is rescuing dogs, cats, and birds from the streets of Brooklyn while his relationships with his girlfriend, live-in volunteer and neighbors are falling apart around him. An intimate look at one man's love-affair with animals, or-- what happens when you share your home with 200 cats, 40 dogs, 5 pigeons, and two other humans.

"Stardust" (in progress) 25 minutes, Color & B & W, Super 16mm A woman obsessed with Liberace. Her son who thinks he's Christ. A family reunion & a cross country trip in a U-Haul...>>

"Ms. Alabama Nursing Home" documentary (in progress) Color DV Octogenarians in wheel chairs and tieras. The title pretty much says it all.

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Anne Paas
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