Carola Spadoni

.I made about 7 short films (one I still have to finish since1995) and a short documentary, mostly on film since 1992. I am from Rome and I moved to NYC in 1990 to study and make films. I worked as Camera assistant in the U.S. from 1993 to 1996. The last two shorts have received festival and commercial success. "Neighbors" has a distribution by Yildiz Film in Munich and has been sold to TV in Italy, Switzerland and England. "Freddy and Victor blind date" is continuing its Festival runs.

Brief description of Freddy and Victor Blind Date
FVBD portrays the first meeting between a father and daughter, set in present day Rome. Shoot on video and without a script and using a true story as a starting point, the videofilm has the actors improvising on autobiographical elements. The original title "Al Confine tra il Missouri (U.S.) and la Garbatella( a working class neighborhood in Rome)" is an imaginary place for an absurd encounter. A meeting of a lifetime delivered in a surreal roman slang ( with English subtitles)

New projects
I have been shooting my first feature length film in Rome. A 3 episodes film intertwined by Rome and its borderline places and characters. The main character is Victor Cavallo as himself ( of FVBD), which flows through various stories. A comedy of errors and misunderstandings that takes place in a night bar in the Mercati Generali ( the wholesale food market in Rome), the kaleidoscopic Porta Portese, (the Sunday flea market in Rome) and its anarchic visions, Sottoponte, a lunch beside an homeless shack underneath the Testaccio bridge. The characters are played by actors and non-actors, some parts are scripted some improvised. The working title is "Storie romane". Shot on super 35, on a shoestring budget, produced by independent producer Gianluca Arcopinto, written by Carola Spadoni and Graziano Misuraca, directed by Carola Spadoni.

State of indie filmmaking in Italy.
Not the past few years there are quite a number of original and daring directors coming out of the usual commercial-only productions. Also more producers are making valid and interesting film projects. Watch out for some fresh Italian Independent ( without the quotes) filmmaking. Talk about anything. Viva zapata for ever!!! It ain't easy but is a wonderful feeling when you can make your visions come trough.