Statement by Brendan Lott

Brendan Lott is a filmmaker living and working in Sacramento.  He dropped out of film school after three semesters so that he might have some chance of having a film career.  His turn-ons are Cassavetes, transparent booze and biting the hand that feeds him.  Turn offs include dumb questions, films that make sense and other filmmakers.

His first two films, Detox and Vein were shot on Super-8.  His newest film, Answering Machine is on 16mm.  His films have screened in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, New York, North Carolina, Bulgaria and Baltimore, Olympia, Washington, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Amsterdam.  Chances are he won't like you.

Brendan's new project, Peculiar American Loneliness (photo), is currently in post production.  P.A.L is a bizarre story of Parenthood, Isolation and Frank Sinatra.

The state of Indie:

Being completely isolated from the Filmmaking community here in Sacramento, I haven't really tried to figure it out.  I know that I will always make films, so I suppose that is the most important thing.  There are a lot of really great films being made on this level that are out there to be seen if you know where to look.  The internet, despite it's vast flaws, does contribute to keeping the few who are doing this kind of work seriously into a kind of de-facto community, based on interest, rather than geography.  Again, which is a  good thing for people such as myself working outside of the major cities.