Doug Cawker was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He attended both New York's School of Visual Arts, and Toronto's Ryerson University, where he studied broadcasting and film production. Doug worked with Canada's largest radio network, Telemedia, as a senior producer of the World Series and the Toronto Blue Jay's broadcasts for over six years. In 1991, Cawker took a position as an apprentice editor with Roger Corman's Concorde Films, working on the picture Ultra Violet. Then he worked as apprentice editor on Quentin Tarantino's, Reservoir Dogs.In 1996-97 he directed and co-wrote the film, Born To Lose.

Born To Lose

This shoestring 16mm film provides and pseudo-documentary glimpse into the punk periphery of the Los Angeles music scene. The story focuses on drug-addicted singer, Stevie Monroe, who leads his punk band, "The Spoilers," down a path of destruction.



Writing a new script called, Gas Station Attendant



Indie film seems to be quite strong at the moment. It's unfortunate that there isn't a solid distribution network though... in underground music there's a number of reliable labels like Dischord and K Records, that are honest and respectful to their artists. I'm hopeful that some cool people will create a few distribution companies for good shoe-string films.



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